Our dedicated team of people will deliver the appropriate solution to any job with innovation, knowledge, and experience!”

McAra’s Mission Statement

Indeed, over the last 40 years and counting, our team has built a reputation for providing responsive service and cutting-edge solutions to our many valued customers. Our team of qualified engineers and service technicians have the training, experience and equipment to take care of all your refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation, chillers and heat recovery requirements.

Root-Cause Problem Analysis

We effectively investigate and diagnose issues with mechanical systems, identifying the root cause of the issue and implementing a cost-effective remedy.

Our qualified service technicians have broad experience across trades and can diagnose and repair even the most involved issues – trust us with your equipment!

Electrical Analysis

Service Management and Scheduling

simPro Serious Job Management Logo

Our service support team utilizes the live job operating system SimPRO, which gives us the ability to see and track jobs in real time through every stage to completion and client satisfaction.

Backed up with effective after-hours response capability 24/7 365 days a year, you can rely on our service team to take care of your plant and equipment, and keep it performing in tip-top condition! Our team will recommend improvements or adjustments if necessary.

Qualifications and Compliance

All of our service technicians hold the appropriate licenses and training for the work they perform. Our business holds in high regard the environment and complies with laws and certification to protect against the release of harmful refrigerants.

We are highly proactive in hazard identification and risk assessments. Effective safety training is seen as an investment for all our staff and we make it a priority in order to protect our people and give our customers confidence.

Telarc Q-Safe Standard Mark

Performance Analysis

With the use of proven processes, our qualified service technicians ensure that the performance of plant and systems is at optimum level, saving you on energy usage and adding to the reliability of your equipment.

Energy Efficiency Initiatives

With a focus on energy efficiency, our team can recommend the best solution to provide efficient and cost-effective system performance.